Fantasy Conflict android ios hack cheats download

Fantasy Conflict android ios hack cheats download

Fantasy Conflict is the new adventure game from creators of Modern Conflict that brings the player to the fabulous faraway Kingdom of Baldoria.
As usual, there is a petty tyrant King in a dressing gown and his No. 1 enemies are the greedy dwarfs. And there is a crystal, the most valued sovereign possession, without which the alarm clock of the King cannot ring. Add to this wooden ballistic missiles, battle airships, as well as dark and light magic as weapon and you get a fun, entertaining and exciting cocktail called Fantasy Conflict!
Nothing suggest the impending trouble on the clear, fresh October morning when the King Flabbian IV failed to wake up at his unusual time. Yes, the King overslept, and all because the dwarfs (who else?) have stolen the precious crystal that for many years kept the passage of time in the Kingdom. Retribution will be inescapable and the enforcement of peace lightning fast. The valiant Royal Guard is already swiftly pursuing the thieving pipsqueaks while bringing enlightened monarchy to neighboring provinces.
The brave Royal Guard of Flabbian IV, armed with the latest technological advance, lead by the most experienced military chiefs of Baldoria and, most importantly, wielding long-lost magic spells, will fight for the King until the last dwarf flees the battle field. But is this the right path for the superpower and is Odin von Sneezmark the bulwark against the national threat to Baldoria’s stock of crystals? The answers to these questions await the most courageous and persistent players!
In Fantasy Conflict, you will find:
– Adventure filled with fabulous characters, magic and humor
– Interesting and addictive campaign with 35 different missions
– 6 risky missions in Survival Battle mode
– Your own castles that can be built further, expanded and armed
– Your pocket army with soldiers, dwarfs, cannons and even battle air balloons
– Range of original magic spells and amulets that you can be use in battle and further enhance
– Many game achievements and awards, as well as achievements in the Heyzap network service

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How to install our hack game:

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